Ever wondered what to order when going out to dinner? Wonder no more! These guides will cover the most popular national chain restaurants, giving you the best options for weight loss surgery success.


It’s America’s most popular coffeehouse! Learn about your best options for drinks and eats.


It’s always open – but did you know they have good options for us? Check them out!

Olive Garden

When you’re there, you’re family, right? See what options your Olive Garden family has for you!


Sure, they’ve got babyback ribs…but they’ve also got some healthier options that work great as the occasional post-op treat. Check them out!


They’re more than just chili and Frosties! There are actually quite a few great options for healthy eating on the go.


It’s the world’s most ubiquitous fast food chain! But there are a few options that can work for you. Check them out!