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      Nikki Massie

      I’m still brainstorming my word but I’m leaning heavily toward “Strong.”

      This isn’t just physical, but that’s a big part of it. Before the cancer I was big on strength. My weight almost didn’t matter to me as much as my strength did. I lifted weights, worked out a lot. I loved how strong I was getting! Then I got my mastectomy and have since lost a lot of upper body strength.

      My financial strength is a bit shaky too. Decades of being a single mom, robbing Peter to pay Paul, have caught up with me. I really just want to simplify, get my finances together, and start living my financial life with more purpose. I want my finances to be strong enough to support my values.

      Mentally I want to be stronger too. This anxiety is crippling to someone like me. I’m an extrovert. A people person. To feel so anxious about doing things I usually love to do makes me sad and angry. I want to start working on that. I want to be proactive in reaching out for help. I want my mind to be strong enough for me to live as my true self.

      And I want my spirit to be stronger. I started this site because I believed there was a need for a community like this. But look what happened this year. I completely  melted down! That’s because I lacked the confidence to know that what I was doing was good and important and to work through challenges instead of running from them. I want to continue forward with the FNC and with BF as places where people can feel accepted, get good information, and be inspired to live their best healthy lives and I want my spirit to be strong enough to see me through the up’s and the downs.

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      Robin Miller

      When I first read this, the word that popped into my head was endure. But really, that’s what 2017’s word should be. I feel like I spent this year just struggling to get through it to the end.

      I think that my word for 2018 is going to be EPOCH. The definition of EPOCH is an event or a time marked by an event that begins a new period or development. We (my husband and I) are about to under go some major events in our lives that will be almost a total change from where we are now. We’re looking at starting a new job, in a new city, in a part of the state we’re not familiar with. Our kids are all grown and doing well. No need for mom and dad to be there so much. Since the death of my father in law just over a year ago, we no longer have parents to worry about. This will be a year of focusing on ourselves. What we need can come first. That’s a new concept for us and one that I think we’ll enjoy exploring.

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        Nikki Massie

        Ohhhh good word. And the best part about it is that the word can do a lot to inform how you view new experiences, ideas and challenges. Can you think of some things you haven’t been able to do over the years because of various restrictions (location, parental duties, etc.) that you could envision now that you are making some life changes?

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      Susan Sheipe

      The word that comes to mind for me is persevere.  I have several projects started here that I haven’t been working on.  Mainly because I wasn’t feeling great, but I really need to persevere and complete them.  If I’m being honest with myself, I can push through and do more.

      I also need to persevere with my weight loss, so I can get my knee replaced.  I need to persevere with healthy eating, and not give in to cravings and stress eating.  I need to push myself to cook more, and not rely on pre-packaged foods.  The few times I’ve cooked lately have made me feel pampered, and dammit…I’m worth it.

      I will persevere in finding out exactly what is going on physically, and will strive to find the best combination (or removal) of meds which make me feel my best.

      I need to persevere and go to church every week, even if it’s freezing cold, or I don’t feel like going.  It’s an important source of happiness and fellowship.

      I need to stop giving myself excuses to treat myself badly.  I will persevere with learning to love myself, and only talk nicely to myself.  If I can’t say something nice (to myself/about my body), I shouldn’t say anything at all.

      I’m not positive that will ultimately be the exact word I choose, but I’m definitely choosing the actions this year.

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        Nikki Massie

        Amen, sister!

        You seem to have a good rationale behind this word so think on it some more. I’ll check back with you before we move on to the next stage of this thing! (Which, yes, I’ve been intentionally ambiguous about.)

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      My word is going to be  confident . I need to trust in what I’m doing is right.  Confidents that my choices are important.

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      I have been so absent in my life lately. I know that sounds weird, but it’s my truth. I got wrapped up in a stressful job that basically sucked the life out of me and consumed me. In October, I made the difficult decision to walk away from a pretty decent paycheck in order to get myself back. I’ve taken the last couple of months off but plan to look for a job after the new year. This word of the year is perfect for me! I’ve chosen JOY as my word. I need to get my joy back. My first grand baby was born at the end of October and I want to her to see the joy in her Gigi. I’m going to make a conscious effort to remove people and things from my life that hinder my joy. 2018 will be a joyful year for me!

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      I’m a lot late to this as I’ve been thinking about a word for the year & mercy of all things is popping up

      I know that I expect way too much out of a broken body & it needs mercy, permission to rest & recharge so that I can continue.

      I realized after Monday at the Y that I feel better physically, mentally & spiritually AFTER exercising.

      I need to grant mercy to my eldest as she struggles & slips backwards into isolation & horrid self-care. I need to focus more on kindness & tenderness with her.

      I need to give myself permission to grieve what has been, what is & my expectations of everything.

      We are in a season of caring for my declining mother in law, rushed to find housing for the eldest & get the youngest college/scholarship shopping.

      I tend the be forceful & not mild, brash but not benevolent, loud but not still.

      This is something I will need to balance with boundaries.

      "Worry for No thing"
      Thelma Wells
      paraphrase of Phillipians 4:6

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