You know how to eat after weight loss surgery. But do you know what to eat?

You ever wish you had someone to just help you figure out what to eat?

Now you do!

Bariatric Foodie offers a variety of options – from one-on-one cooking lessons, to group classes, to kitchen audits – that will help you embrace easy, affordable, healthy and delicious meals each and every day.

Whether you’re just starting out, learning to maintain, or getting back on track, you don’t have to tackle healthy eating alone!


Kitchen Audits

Does it seem like temptation is always staring you in the face? We can’t always avoid having tempting food in our kitchen, but how your kitchen is organized is just as important as what’s in it. Let me help you make a plan and organize your kitchen to succeed!

Cooking Classes

You ever wish you had someone to guide you step-by-step through making weight loss surgery friendly meals? Look no further! Our cooking classes are live and interactive. Come with questions, leave with a stable of healthy eating recipes and know-how!

Help for eating out

Going out to eat can be overwhelming after weight loss surgery. Get access to a library of WLS-friendly nutrition guides that tell you exactly what to eat at the most popular eateries.