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  • Busy, busy, BUSY!!!! Finishing as much cleaning out as possible this week. Some of it is going very slowly as it’s papers and old letters. I was going through letters that I had written to my husband when he was deployed for 6 months the first year we were married (he was gone on our first anniversary). We were SO young! Some of those letters were…[Read more]

  • Very long! Greenville has set a date of March 15th for Randy to start work at their location (he’s working for them already here in Waco). We want to get the house on the market by the beginning of March. That means that all cleaning out and painting has to be finished by mid February so we can get the new flooring done by the end of February. Crazy times!

  • Today is not going so well. Hubby’s home sick with a stomach bug and I think I have it also.😖 But not, so far, nearly as bad as him. So I’m running behind on everything as we both went back to bed. I will be working hard to get my steps and liquids in today.

    Breakfast was some cheerios and blueberries

    I have no idea what the rest of my meals…[Read more]

  • I’m a day late with this, but better late than never! I got all my steps in and even added some additional exercise to meet my goal of adding some twice a week. Today it was wall push-ups. 25 of them to be exact. However, I did fall very short on getting my 80 ounces of liquids in.

    I had lunch with my sis and DIL It was a belated birthday gift…[Read more]

  • I’m tired. Hubby had a bad night last night so I did also. A bit of stress going on about his work. The program he was on ended with 2017, As of lunch time, they (work hadn’t started him on anything else. He was supposed to be starting work for the group in Greenville. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully, it’s just a slow start after the two weeks…[Read more]

  • Just a quick check-in. Things have been crazy busy in my life and things got pretty much off track. But today I got all my fluids in AND all my steps in! YAY! First time in over two weeks!

  • Happy New Year! I’ve decided that 2018 is going to be my year! This week is all about getting back on track. Tuesday is catch up on housework day. Wednesday thru Friday will be about getting more of my house cleaned out. Getting back to getting my steps and liquids in. Hopefully adding two days of exercise.

  • <p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>We had that same exact situation with my father in law and the woman he married after my mother in law died. I have to confess that I did tell her off one day. She was “telling stories” about my mother in law that were total lies. Unfortunately for her, the story she decided to tell me that day was one that I had…[Read more]

  • Hubby is sending in his acceptance letter today for the job. Packing and purging feels like it will never end.

    I’m liking Good Measures. Not much weight loss due to the mild case of diverticulitis. The foods that need to eat for recovery are ones that make me gain. BUT! Working with Good Measures has kept me from gaining! I haven’t lost but I…[Read more]

  • It’s been a long time since I posted here. Sorry about that! Things have been crazy here.

    I’m battling a mild case of diverticulitis and packing up and cleaning out like crazy! Hubby is sending in his official acceptance letter for the new job today. He’s on vacation until January 2nd and I can see my stress levels ramping up already! 😁

    We have…[Read more]


    Today will be a busy day. With hubby finally finding out this week about whether or not he has a job in Greenville, I’m shifting into high gear as far as getting my house cleaned out. I’m going to call the used book store and see if they’ll take all the books. I also have a few big boxes that my husband brought…[Read more]

  • Tomorrow starts week 2 of my two week free trial with Good Measures. This week has certainly been a week of learning for me! I’m looking forward to this week!

    Most of my week will be focused on packing up what we want to keep and getting rid of the rest. We get word on whether or not my husband will get a job up in Greenville this week. And if…[Read more]

  • Yesterday was a not so good day for me. We have a cold front pushing in (should be here Tuesday) and it’s blowing all the pollens from up north (northwest?) down on us. My allergies are horrible, stuffy, coughing, sneezing and my eye lids keep sticking together. Today looks like it is going to be worse. 😣

    Today I HAVE to get laundry done. That’s…[Read more]

  • Robin Miller replied to the topic December 1 in the forum Daily Check-Ins 6 years, 5 months ago

    Today has been a very long day. I woke up with a headache and it’s hung on all day. I went and picked up the makings for some homemade spaghetti sauce and added some pre-made turkey meatballs. Hubby’s thrilled, but my stomach is on the iffy side so I don’t know if I will have any.

    We should find out if my husband’s going to be offered a new…[Read more]

  • When I first read this, the word that popped into my head was endure. But really, that’s what 2017’s word should be. I feel like I spent this year just struggling to get through it to the end.

    I think that my word for 2018 is going to be EPOCH. The definition of EPOCH is an event or a time marked by an event that begins a new period or d…[Read more]

  • I’ll be praying that both of you have easy recoveries from y’all’s surgeries!

    Today did not start well. I was very cold when I got up and couldn’t seem to get warm. Which leads to me dumping a mug of extremely hot coffee on myself when mu grip gave out on my left hand. (this has happened before but it’s been years). Luckily for me, I was holding…[Read more]

  • Today was a not so good day. For some unknown reason, all my joints are aching and I didn’t sleep well last night. So I’m tired and I hurt. 😣

    I didn’t get any packing on the house done, hopefully I can get some done tomorrow.

    I did, however, get some stuff done that needed to be done. Like pay and mail the bills. I ended up having to go buy…[Read more]

  • Last week was nuts and I didn’t ever check in, but hopefully, I’m back on track now!

    I just got through joining Good Measures and am waiting to find out what happens next. I assume that some time in the next couple of days, I’ll hear from them.

    Today is my catch up on the house day. Things got away from me last week.(not that I actually had hold…[Read more]

  • This week will be a interesting one. Hopefully we’ll hear back from my husband’s job interview this week, it although could be next week.

    My plans are to try to get my closet cleaned out and move on from there.

    Meal-wise, I’m struggling. A lot. So, I think come tomorrow morning I’m going to join Good Measures. I have to do something to turn…[Read more]

  • I’ve been a bit hit and miss checking in this week. I’ll try to do better.

    I don’t even know what to say. Life is changing around here and it’s hard to keep up. My husband has an interview with the other location in Greenville on Tuesday. If he gets a position there, it sounds like they’re going to want him to start before the first of the year.…[Read more]

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